Preparing for the Interview

1) You have to go into the interview – right from the very start – with an upbeat, positive, enthusiastic attitude! Let them know from the start that you are very interested in the opportunity. Leave any apprehensions at the door.

Make the assumption that this is “the only opportunity you have ever wanted in your entire career!

Remember, many positions are won in the opening 60-90 seconds of an interview. Strike an immediate rapport!

2) Prepare a list of 30,40,50 questions and take them into the interview with you. Write them in an organized fashion (I suggest the funnel approach):

  • Questions at the top are broader and refer to the company in general
  • Questions in the middle are about the part of the organization you will be in [e.g.the financial pyramid, and then more specifically the financial planning group]
  • Questions at the bottom would be the more specific ones about the position
  • Question at the very bottom (but should be asked as early as possible): What are you looking for, specifically, in the person you would hire?

Phrase all questions in a very positive tone

3) Anticipate the questions they will ask you and PLAN your answers! Examples:      

  • Strengths?
  • Weaknesses?
  • Reasons for joining companies?
  • Reasons for leaving companies?
  • Career aspirations?

Also be ready (although it’s hard to prepare) for Behavioral/Situational interviewing questions

Finally, end each interwiew with a statement similar to this:

“Based on our meeting today, I am very interested in the opportunity! Additionally, I am very confident that I can contribute to the success of this department. What’s the next step in this process? And do you anticipate I will be going on to that next step?”

Always thank each interviewer for taking the time to meet with you and tell them that you hope to hear from them soon!

Download Preparing for the Interview as a PDF

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