From My Perspective: Vacation? Really?

It’s that time again – are you actually going to take a vacation this year or will you just be working away from the office? There was a time when people actually “turned things off” and recharged, will you?  Better question, will I?

 I’m reminding myself (and maybe you) of certain benefits of truly “unplugging”:

 1)      Let your personal energy level recharge and reset.  When the Blackberry “acts up” I remember the very helpful young man at the Cincinnati Bell Store who reminded me that proper operation of this complex device requires taking the battery out periodically so the system can reset!  I’m convinced it is the same for people – without a periodic reset we arbitrarily turn off – to new people, new ideas, new business opportunities.

 2)      Show others you trust them.  Whether these people are literally your “business partners” or are your peer/direct report employee partners, checking in every day says “I trust you, kind of.”  Let them have your contact information and trust that they will reach out if they need you.

 3)      Prove that your business has real and significant value.  Business brokers/investment bankers say if an owner/executive can’t take two weeks away from their business and remain confident in performance then the value of the company is significantly diminished in the eyes of any potential acquirer.

 I’ll be taking some vacation this summer and I know how to suspend e-mail delivery to my phone as well as how to turn off the simultaneous ring feature.  I’m committing to my family that I’ll do my best to control the annoying “I’m listening – just checking e-mail too” habit.  I’ll check my cell phone voicemail each evening but I won’t check my office voicemail and email until the evening before I return to the office.

 I’ll let you know how it all goes in the August edition of “From My Perspective” and I’m interested hearing your “vacation” stories as well – good or bad!

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