Getting Your Resume Past The e-Gatekeeper

OK, anyone who has embarked on a recent job search knows the importance of getting your resume to the right person. But what happens when the first “right person” is a software program? Executive recruiters and employers both are adopting ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems) with increasing frequency to streamline the sifting and ranking process. Knowing how these programs use your data is critical to success in the initial screening of your resume. If you’re good at tailoring your CV to the software, you have a great shot at moving on in the process. If not, no one will ever know you were their best option.

Lisa Vaas covers resume writing techniques and emerging technologies for The Ladders. In her post on modern resume writing, she offers 24 tips to make sure you are at the top of the heap in an increasingly machine-driven screening process. I suppose I could be critical that some of the tips might be redundant or simplistic (they are), but on balance this is a very cogent, thoughtful piece. Ms. Vaas has done a good job providing candidates with the “how-to” of tailoring a resume to ATS software while not losing sight of the personal touch. A quick primer and a worthwhile article to keep on hand in your job search.

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