From My Perspective: Are You Listening?

Ever wonder why you struggle when it comes time to make a decision on which candidate to select?  Try listening more actively. Just a few ideas that help me:

1)       Resist Distractions – Clear your desk for every conversation so you can focus your attention.  I take it one step further, meet away from your office and you’ll even stop thinking about that “voicemail waiting” light blinking at you.  And for goodness sake turn off the ringer on your smartphone and put it your pocket!

2)      Get to the Point – Ask good questions of each candidate, not necessarily the same ones or in the same order.  In other words, have a plan – when you “wing it” the interview tends to become a verbal recap of the resume’.

3)      Listen to Gain Real Understanding –   If you aren’t careful it is too easy to listen only long enough to formulate your response or follow up question.  Take Notes!  Write down the great follow up question or comment. 

Overall, assume each candidate will be the one you want to hire. Listen to have the information you need to make a good “buying” decision and also to understand the focus to bring to the “sales” presentation you’ll need to secure them for your team!

The above is the seventh installment – Year Four of “From My Perspective” – a collection of observations and anecdotes from the more than 29 years of business and professional recruiting experience of Bill Hagerty, an owner and principal consultant with Johnson ReSource Group.



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