Are You A Free Radical?

Scott Belsky is an entrepreneur and best-selling author who founded the online creative platform Behance, which he recently sold to Adobe. He is a much sought after speaker on the emerging patterns of work in the 21st century, and this article is an excerpt from his foreward to a new book, Maximize Your Potential. Belsky says that “free radicals” demand a lot of themselves AND their employers, expect their skills to be fully utilized, abhor ‘easy jobs’, and have little tolerance for bureaucratic friction or old-boy networks. With the increasing exit of baby-boomers from the workplace – and with it, the demise of “we always did it this way” mindsets – employers should be asking themselves important questions. Are you a free radical? Can you accommodate free radicals in your workplace? If not now, when? What advantages could be gained from embracing more free radicals? Belsky believes that free radicals are already changing the face of work and jobs, and organizations will foster dramatic innovation by accelerating their contributions. The Free Radical At Work is a worthwhile read. 

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