From My Perspective: Vacation – How Was It?

In the May 2013 edition of From My Perspective the question was  – “are you actually going to take a vacation or will you just be working away from the office?” 

 So how did you do?  Successful at not taking calls from the office?  How many work e-mails did you respond to while on vacation?  When you didn’t take the call or respond to the email did you feel compelled to respond if they texted?

 My scorecard:  Very well.  Surprisingly, yes.  Zero, really!  Absolutely, just couldn’t stop myself.  I didn’t get a full week away from the office as we had to fit in trips for two college graduations (woo hoo!) and a week of Girl Scout Camp for my wife and two daughters so maybe my test was a little easier.  Shorter time away than I would have liked but I did return feeling genuinely recharged. 

 So with the family vacation season behind us perhaps I can at least get better at not checking email on the Blackberry every time a new one arrives.  Or maybe at least not checking it while with others, I don’t know, maybe?  The real test for me is with September baseball in full swing and playoff positions hanging in the balance can I stop checking MLB.COM while with my family and friends?  Go REDS!

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