The Notice II

Why do we have to make it so difficult?

Employers, as I noted in closing last month you have work to do also.

Have a policy, and stick to it! If certain categories of employees get walked out on resignation day then do it every time. Walking only certain people out at differing times during the notice period sends the message, “I don’t trust you not to damage my business.” Just two of the potential impacts of this message are: 1) poor relationships with alumni and 2) current employees are left to wonder, “do you trust me?” If someone was intent on damaging your business by pirating client files or company documents then they have done this long before resignation day.

Keep the notice period to two weeks. Do you really want your departing employee in the office for the next four weeks? Even the best intentioned professional can get worn down and their responses about reasons for leaving can become negative and potentially toxic. Even if you feel you need the extended period to shore up client relationships then pay them to stay at home, everyone will be better for it.

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