The Golden Rule Made Easy!

As promised in concluding the last blog post – this doesn’t have to be difficult!

The best recognition programs honor real and desired performance and result in frequent awards! When a staff member handles a particularly difficult situation in an extraordinary manner recognize it now. Give them a candy bar, a $10 Starbucks (better yet Graeter’s Ice Cream) gift card – anything to let them know you witnessed it and appreciate it!

This sounds so easy – why don’t we recognize people more often? It is too soft a discipline and without discipline it never becomes a habit. Here’s a simple solution – everyone who has at least one employee reporting to them should have each employee’s name on their weekly to do list. You don’t cross the name off until you have found a genuine reason to recognize their performance. Thanking someone in person too “touchy” for you? Write them a note – not an e-mail, a real hand written note! Follow this practice for 90 days and it will be a hard habit to break.

People join companies but they work for people. They work hardest and commit to succeeding for people who consistently recognize and reward their commitment.

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