The Golden Rule, Try It!

You’ve just lost another employee – whether they were a significant contributor or not – this is beginning to look like a turnover problem. Let’s admit it, we’ve all been there and many are there right now because our experience is that 2016 is fast becoming a market that favors the employee. Is this just a bump in the road, or do I really have a problem?
The most likely answers you will hear from your departing employee are job content, future, and money. These are the easy answers and involve very little real sharing of how they truly feel. A national study by a leading staffing firm cited “limited recognition” as the most common reason given for leaving an employer. People feel undervalued and underappreciated and it’s not because of your salary and benefits.
The key to retention and performance is consistent recognition of a job well done. Many of you are now thinking “this is going to get expensive”, but it doesn’t have to! Some of you are also thinking “this is common sense”. I agree but common sense is all too uncommon and far from common practice! Try the Golden Rule – think how you would like to be treated – and you will understand the importance of the seemingly simple, but often forgotten, sincere thanks for a job well done.

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