People, Go Figure – Part II!

In my last post you read about two horror stories from the candidate perspective. This issue I want to balance it with how candidates, even seasoned professionals, sometimes just don’t get it!

Joe is a seasoned and successful financial professional who my client was interested in adding to his team. A little history – my client was interested in Joe a couple of years ago also and made him an offer which was politely and respectfully declined. This time Joe agrees to sit down and discuss the opportunity again. He meets corporate leadership and agrees there is an excellent match to his career objectives and that he would be interested in receiving an offer. A competitive offer is made, Joe receives it verbally and in written form as well.

Joe’s response – nothing! Really nothing! No counter, no decline. No response to phone calls, emails or text messages. I still can’t believe it. My client won’t be bad mouthing Joe proactively but you can bet that any time his name comes up with any of his professional colleagues there will not be a positive comment. Talk about damaging your own professional reputation, but like I said – People, Go Figure!

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