Lessons I Learned Caddying

“Only three things you need to know to be successful” according to my first boss, “show up, shut up, keep up.” I’m actually not certain if my first caddymaster Pat Higgins said it or if after hearing it during my Evans Scholar days at Miami University I just attributed it to him, but as time went on I learned just how universally true those keys to success were.

A friend shared that he recently had to terminate an employee and it emphasized once again that it all begins with Show Up! A hard to fill position was finally filled with a well qualified professional. During the first two weeks there are some problems with getting to work on time, and not just those nagging few minutes. My friend did the right thing and had a candid discussion about the culture of the organization and how timeliness really matters. Things got a little better for a couple of weeks but as my friend said, “I don’t think he really got it.” Friday morning another late arrival and another meeting where it is made clear that future late arrival could result in termination.

You guessed it – late arrival on Monday. This talented professional is met in the lobby by my friend and the Human Resources Director and thus ends a promising career opportunity. Harsh as it may seem, like my caddymaster said – Show Up, and yes On Time!

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