“Workforce Crisis” Published 1992

“Workforce Crisis” witten by Dychtwald, Erickson and Morrison and published in 1992 suggested

That the massive boomer generation was beginning to retire and coupled with declining birth rates leading to less younger workers, would lead to a brain drain. 

Was “Workforce Crisis” correct?  What is your experience today?  Is finding talent more difficult and perhaps more expensive than ever?  Are valuable projects and other initiatives being delayed for lack of qualified staff?  What strategies are you encouraging today in 2017 to be ready for the next wave of economic growth that may already be happening?

The Authors provided some advice in 1992 that maybe still valuable today.  Read on…

(1)    What skills will you be needing?

(2)    When will retirements hit?

(3)    Why do your employees stay or leave?

(4)    What are your sources for talent?

(5)    What academic feeder programs are you developing?


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