Get used to it if you are trying to add talent to your team. “I can’t interview anyone else who isn’t committed to making a change.” I wanted to respond to my client with “well, get used to many fewer interviews.” My more diplomatic self said “I understand your frustration (believe me, I wanted to close the deal also) and our team will try and gain commitment to accepting a competitive offer as quickly as possible.”

Face it, everyone who is gainfully employed and not actively pursuing a new opportunity is a “tirekicker.” Perhaps every candidate, employed or unemployed, who hasn’t reached a point of financial distress is a tirekicker. Our advice to clients is to assume every candidate is the one they will want to hire and begin selling them on your opportunity as quickly as possible.

You must do the basics: 1) Be on time for the interview. 2) Set your smartphone to Do Not Disturb – PLEASE!. 3) Review the candidate’s resume’, any previous interview notes and their LinkedIn profile.

The important part of converting a tirekicker to a seriously viable candidate is being prepared to SELL what you believe to be the most compelling aspects of your organization and the specific role.

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