How Many Jobs in a Career?

I was recently asked to speak at a career day at Notre Dame Academy in Park Hills, Kentucky. One of the issues we discussed was the number of job changes you can have before being considered a job hopper. I believe this article contains valuable information regarding timing of job changes for people at any stage of their career.

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How to Reinvent Yourself After 50

I serve on a Task Force that was assembled to address the issues related to “experienced” individuals (over the age of 55) who are seeking career advancement, placement and fulfillment as well as the increased demand by employers for qualified candidates. A fellow member of this Task Force emailed this Harvard Business Review article to me and I, in turn thought it was very worthwhile to share here.

The High Cost Of Hiring Badly

John Brandon writes on employment issues for Inc magazine and a recent column quantifies the exorbitant cost of making a bad hiring decision. Sometimes the hiring manager is overly impressed in an initial interview, sometimes a position needs to be filled so quickly that normal processes are suspended, or sometimes it is just a desire to move on other pressing matters. Whatever the reason(s), the resulting decision that “didn’t work out” can cost your company nearly a quarter-million dollars for even a mid-level mistake! Add in factors such as legal fees, severance pay, and/or outplacement services and the cost is over $800,000. If this is scary, read this article and slow down just a bit! Following a process that yields the best quality candidate is a sure way to get what you need AND save money in the long-run.

How to Deal with Being Overqualified.

Karen Rehn writes extensively on employment and interviewing issues. Her recent post for HH Staffing is a realistic look at making ‘the overqualified issue’ work to your advantage. Let’s face it… many candidates choose to “dial down” a high-pressure career path in exchange for a more balanced life. Some are forced into considering alternatives because traditional opportunities have seemingly vanished. Whatever the reasons, you may have to answer to your interviewer when she says, “You seem to be overqualified for what we think this position requires.” How you answer that question could determine whether you get the job that has really piqued your interest… or the one that will keep food on the table. Ms. Rehn provides a step-by-step approach that makes being overqualified work for you.

Older Workers Are In Demand Again!

Fox Business published a quick-read that is still a valuable perspective for workers over 50. It affirms that these experienced and knowledgeable professionals are being sought by companies that have found there is value in being able to “hit the ground running”. While the current economy still has many challenges for those who graduated college in the 70’s or 80’s, there is plenty of hope for those who can transfer knowledge quickly and effectively. Read the entire article.