How to Reinvent Yourself After 50

I serve on a Task Force that was assembled to address the issues related to “experienced” individuals (over the age of 55) who are seeking career advancement, placement and fulfillment as well as the increased demand by employers for qualified candidates. A fellow member of this Task Force emailed this Harvard Business Review article to me and I, in turn thought it was very worthwhile to share here.

The Ego Trap Will Clamp Down On Your Career

Author Jen Shirkani writes in her book, EGO vs EQ, that there are eight common ego traps that will derail a leader’s career. No matter where you think you are in your career, your company probably expects you to show leadership traits… and it’s not just a perquisite for those in the C-suite. This article is a synopsis of Shirkani’s conclusions and is a worthwhile read for anyone at any level. 8 Common Ego Traps could be the reminder that keeps you grounded, focused, and even more productive in your career.

Perseverance – Another Perspective

Each one of us individually and our businesses as a collective has persevered during perhaps the worst economic period we will ever see in our working careers.  Individually we all have a story to tell which I’m certain is compelling.  Please click on this link to read what I believe is perhaps the most compelling story I have read in a very long time about personal perseverance.

 You will see that the article is from the Summer 2013 issue of the Western Golf Association, Evans Scholars Magazine.   Please click on the links above the article to learn more about how you can make more of these amazing stories of perseverance possible.


Resume Errors Get Laughs – At Your Expense

Think your resume is just perfect? Then why do 98% contain spelling, grammatical, and syntax errors? This article by Dixie Dean is a quick primer on common mistakes and how to avoid them. The tragedy is that while you made a few recruiters laugh or added some humor to a hiring manager’s bleak day, your resume ended up in the trash. Don’t Let CV Errors Make You A Laughing Stock is definitely a worthwhile reminder to take an extra look before you hit ‘send’.

Best Companies to work for…SAP Users

As Recruiters we are always asked about who are the best companies…And so I just found an announcement that might be helpful for those candidates looking for career opportunities in The Utilities Industry…SAP AG has just published it’s list of award winning Utilities for 2013.  The list includes First Energy, Atmos Energy, Puget Sound Energy, and Centerpoint Energy.  SAP AG says that these are the best-run Utilities because they have implemented innovative and sustainable practices based on SAP Software.

Job Search Fumbles Can Cost You The Game

Amanda Augustine is a job search expert for The Ladders, and she writes extensively for their blog and website. Personally I think she writes in a very accessible, almost breezy, style but the principles contained in her articles are very actionable and timely. Speaking of timely, since we’ve just embarked on another football season, Ms. Augustine has crafted this article around appropriate gridiron analogies. Job Search Fumbles is a quick and worthwhile read to help you keep the ball in your possession!

New SAP Opportunity…

New SAP Search…Announcing new position in Cincinnati at $130K. Requires a broad knowledge of SAP Applications in manufacturing and ability to interface with senior management team on strategic system issues and software performance. A PMP and PMO background highly preferred. Call Larry Signorile if you would like to hear more (859-578-6963)

Making Sense with SAP!

Have always enjoyed people who seem to understand the sense around IT Technology.  Just read a comment by Jonathan Becher, Chief Marketing Officer at SAP who said…”I’m also championing SAP’s strategy of helping organizations close the gap between strategy & execution so that they can optimize business performance.”  And I say BRAVO Johnathan!  Keep up the good work and tell us more about closing this gap!