FAQs for Clients

Our teachers told us that the only dumb question is the one you don’t ask. Well, we think it’s very normal to have questions about executive recruiting. In fact, a few might be pretty direct. That’s OK. We thought it might be good to get you started. If you have more, Contact Us.

Why do I need a recruiter when I have Linked In?

No doubt Linked In and other social media are good tools but none of them mitigates personal involvement and action on your part. Do you think you can handle the requirements of personally contacting unfamiliar people who “look right” in your search? Can you deal with the seemingly endless cycle of voicemail jail and get the important call-back at your most inopportune time? Do you like to talk about your opportunity only to find that the prospective candidate isn’t interested? And then do it all again… and again… and again? If you do… well, maybe you don’t need us. But if you want someone to work closely with you, develop high-quality candidates to expedite your success, and to deliver great advice throughout the process… then give us a call!

Don’t you guys just troll CareerBuilder and Monster to find people just like I could?

No. It’s just that simple. We have no desire to find people who are already unhappy in their current position and are posting everywhere hoping for a way out. Would you want your next employee to be someone else’s problem? We don’t think so! We are all about finding the people who are happy where they are and weren’t even considering a move before we called about your opportunity. Doesn’t that make more sense when it comes to engagement and retention?

If you find people who are already happily employed somewhere else, how do I know you won’t steal some of my good people too?

We NEVER recruit from our clients’ companies. Ever. For any reason. Period.

If you promise a quick response, doesn’t that really mean you have ready-made candidates in storage?

Absolutely not. What it really means is that we have the depth of personal experience, industry connections, and research tools to expedite a critical search and get the right candidate interested in your position. We believe that great AND fast are not mutually exclusive terms. 

So convince me why I should pay a fee?

We are a professional services firm and we play a pivotal role in filling critical positions that can positively impact your bottom line. We perform that service with the highest integrity and strictest ethical standards. This is a specialized service and it is every bit as valuable as that of our friends in the legal, accounting, and consulting professions. But… if your lawyer, accountant, or business advisor provides their services for free, perhaps you shouldn’t consider paying an executive recruiter either.

Do you have any special terms for payment to help with my cash flow?

We know what it’s like to have to manage cash flow and plan ahead. So yes, we are always willing to discuss individual situations and payment terms that make sense for your company and ours.

Can you guarantee I won’t make a bad hire?

Unfortunately, no. Any more than we can guarantee that you’ll make a two-foot putt up hill with no break. We do guarantee that we will present very well-qualified candidates whom we have personally interviewed more than once. We provide ‘de-briefs’ to you every step of the way. We provide insights into individual situations and areas to explore further. We urge you to pay attention to background checks and to actively engage with provided references. But we can’t guarantee there won’t be unforeseen events or personality clashes. What we CAN guarantee is that we will replace at no charge a candidate who doesn’t work out and is terminated within our guarantee period.

Why should I ever talk to a recruiter when social media is full of opportunities?

Sure social media is full of opportunities. If you “Click to Apply” with everyone else sometimes you’ll get lucky. More often you won’t. You’ll have no advocate to separate you from the pack, much less provide you with key insights about the position and culture. You typically won’t know the compensation package and future career track, so a lot of your “clicks” will turn into dead-ends. Insights into personalities and advice on specific company issues won’t happen on the ‘net. We’re not saying that recruiters are omnipotent beings graced with special powers, but the good ones will give you a serious leg-up in the search process. So take the call. It won’t hurt. We promise.

How do I know that when you call it’s for a real job?

Posting fake opportunities on job boards and social media is not only unethical but it’s downright unprofessional too. We know other executive recruiters do it and it’s despicable. It’s an easy way to gather resumes for their portfolio. NO ONE at Johnson ReSource Group does that and we NEVER will. It’s just that direct! If we call about a position, it’s real and active. Period.

If I submit my resume, will you keep it confidential?

Yes. Always. The vast majority of candidates are happily employed and may not have even thought of looking around before we called. We respect that and would never do anything to jeopardize your current employment.